We are Channing Showalter and Annie Schermer, and we are multi-media performance artists.

Our friendship and collaborations began 10 years ago while searching the beaches for wish rocks and bones. From 2014-2017 we lived in Madison County, North Carolina,  making puppet shows and learning songs. We recently moved back to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. 

We create performances using the storytelling methods of song and puppetry.

We draw inspiration from the old myths and legends to explore our own relationship to the wild self, and the things that come up along the way: fear, darkness, demons, love, isolation, joy and transformation. This is a seemingly endless quest for home, both in terms of place and family as well as the search for home within ourselves. We use light and shadow to set the scene and our puppets walk, swim, and fly within and between the topside world and the one below- where creatures and intricacies of the subconscious live.

We also sing (and do the same with fiddle) in close two part harmonies, exploring how singing uplifts and unites this collaboration and friendship, as well as discovering what sounds and chordal structures bring us closer to the complex emotions in the stories we tell. We play heavily with voice crossing, dissonance, and modal harmonies.